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Open a Ticket from the Support Portal
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Note:  You can also open support cases by email to [email protected].


To open a case through the PacketFabric Support Portal, you must either Register for an account, or create a new ticket, which will create an account for you.


To open a support ticket:


  1. Go to Create a New Ticket on the PacketFabric Support Portal.


    The 'Create a New Ticket' form appears.



  2. Enter the Ticket Details (Required fields are listed in red):
    • Subject  - Brief description of the issue and the affected circuit IDs and/or Port IDs
    • Message - Describe the issue in detail, including:
      • Precise time the issue started
      • Duration of the issue
      • Is the issue resolved, or ongoing?
    • Add CC
    • Add BCC
    • Click Browse for a file, to add an attachment to the case.

      Helpful to include:

      • Log files
      • Screenshots of any error messages
    • Category - Select Support.
    • Product - Select the applicable product.
      • Note: This field is optional, but is helpful in routing your case to the proper support group. If you do select a Product, select options for the following required dependent fields:
        • Product Type - Issue
        • Product Type - Item
  3. Enter your Contact Details.  
  4. Check the box I consent to collecting my personal information for your support team to communicate.
  5. Check the I'm not a robot box and proceed with the reCAPTCHA image selection.
  6. Select Create Ticket.


You should receive an email confirmation with the case number within a few minutes confirming receipt of your case.


Expect detailed support help shortly thereafter.

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